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Mamatography 2012: Week 4

WEEK 4 includes the following and more!

Sneak Peek:

Mamatography 2012: Weeks 1-3

After the birth of my son, I had the sense that my life was going to speed by over the next year.

I decided to take part in Mamatography 2012 in an attempt to capture this major year  of my life. The challenge? Take at least one picture a day and post once a week, either with or without a theme. I am feeling more of a shift to all things mothering, so I’m sure the theme of my posts will be my children and related topics that I talk about on here.

More than anything, I just invite you to see my family, my children, and all the randomness and ridiculousness we get up to. Stroll by. Check out some photos. Leave a comment….or not.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Week 1 (Sharing language, sharing “milkies,” salt lamps, and cosleeping)
  • Week 2 (Peekaboo with a bug, homemade “baking” play dough set, and sibling love)
  • Week 3 (Bones and body parts, a photo story of an outdoor adventure, toddler “reading” a book….in that awesomely endearing voice!)


Start your 365 Photo Challenge any time……

Mamatography 2012 

Wordless Wednesday: “Trash” Transformed

[In light of an awesome post: 5 Best Toys of All Time….]

A Box with Confetti "Grass" (we decided) and some rabbits.

Dump out the grass and rabbits

Endless Play!

Wordless Wednesday: Toddler Hiding

Wordless Wednesday: Block Play = Developmental Treasure Trove

WARNING: Words to follow……..

Recently I wrote about my daughter and readiness, and one of the things she seems to be ready for is building with blocks. Here are some of the things she is developing an understanding of while she plays.



Gravity 1

Gravity 2

Motor Skills

Creativity and Idea-testing

Persistence and Patience

Wordless Wednesday: Active Mind, Body at Rest

Active Mind

Body at Rest

Wordless Wednesday: Making a Sensory Bin of Leaves!

Pick up the leaves....

Put them in/near the bin!

I Helped Mama! (She is signing "help.")


More Interested in Raking

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