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Sunday Stream-of-Consciousness: I don’t want my family to eat SAD

Inspired by the Aums “stream-of-consciousness Sundays” here is what I wrote in a spare 15 minutes:

Chicken McNuggets in their “natural” state

(ETA: pre-2003 when McD’s started using all white meat chicken)

I grew up eating pretty SAD.  This is the acronym for “Standard American Diet” and it does make me sad.  It makes me sad that it is based on industrial and completely unsustainable (and unethical) practices.  It makes my body feel sad because it doesn’t provide what it needs to work optimally and make feel good.

Before I was pregnant, I had briefly been on a “healthy-carb” diet prescribed by my holistic doctor due to PCOS.  It was hard not to eat so much of what I was used to eating – chips, snacks, pasta.  I felt extremely limited in what I could eat and I felt sick all the time.  (This is when I found out that it was really morning sickness, since I was pregnant!)

While researching gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, I heard about the Brewster diet, which basically stated if you eat a diet very high in protein (-100 grams a day), you will not get pre-eclampsia.  (They also have lacto-ovo and vegan diets!)  It worked for me; it was honestly the healthiest I had ever felt in my life!  I ate so much food – raw milks and cheeses and yogurts (totally legal in PA), free-range eggs and grass-fed meats and butters from the local farmers’ markets and lots of beans.  I squeezed in some veggies and fruit and a bit of bread and oatmeal and I was full!  It was a joy to eat so many healthy fats that I had always heard were so “forbidden”.

After I gave birth, I continued my education and learned about traditional foods through the Weston A. Price Foundation and Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  They recommended lots of good oils (fish, coconut, ghee) which we started incorporating into our diets more regularly, as well as the eating of fermented foods (pickles, sauerkraut and kefir are all favorites around here).  We tried to start cooking with more traditional recipes and experimented with eating soaked grains/beans and sourdough/sprouted breads replaced our old favorite, generic whole-wheat.  When Beanie started baby-led weaning, we let him try (almost) everything!  We held off on grains until he was about 15 months, since babies take longer to create the digestive enzymes for grains.   At 27 months, he still nurses many times a day (and night!), but his meals still center around healthy fats, protein, veggies and fruit.  He is an adventurous eater!

I have recently embarked on what I hope will be our final journey to health and healing for our whole family:  the GAPS diet (related to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the Body Ecology Diet).  It seems daunting, but I am hoping it will heal my many gut issues (mainly eczema and allergies) and help my husband and son as well.  I look forward to sharing our journey and resources with you as we move forward.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food” -Hippocrates

Sunday Stream-Of-Consciousness: Sling Envy

Totally drool-worthy new Boba 3G

I love me some babywearing.  Nowadays, my 6 slings just aren’t enough.

Before I had Beanie I always knew I wanted to babywear.  I just didn’t know what I wanted needed.  First, I ordered a fancy European stretchy wrap (BB Tricot Wrap) in organic fabric.  Then he was born and it was obvious that I was a babywearing ninny.  I was scared to wrap us up in the yards of fabric lest my origami-esque endeavors resulted in him falling out.  About a month afterwards, I conned my abuelita into buying the “Dr. Sears Approved Sling“.  Total bad-for-the-baby, bad-for-you-bag-sling.  Mal hated it too.  Soon afterwards, I found an organic, one-size Hotsling at our local natural food store, watched the video, practiced with a stuffed teddy and then gingerly put him in.  He liked it, not right away, but he eventually learned to love it.

Morale bolstered, I then attempted the dreaded not-Moby again.  It finally worked!  He loved to snuggle and I could move my arms (though not directly upwards, gah!)  But at 3 months, he was 16 pounds.  Time to try the back carry with my lovely new Kozy mei tai.  Genius!  I started to actually do housework again.  Then at 6 months, it started to feel uncomfortable.  Introducing the new SSC (soft structured carrier), the Boba!  (Organic fabric too.)  This was the sling that finally got my husband into babywearing.  Finally, when I happened to visit Metro Minis in NYC and spied some lovely new “inexpensive” woven Didymos wraps that had just come in, I realized that what I really needed was something light and comfy for the beach and summertime.  I have worn it exactly one time, at the beach, that summer. (!)

My slings have rotated in and out of favor (except for that awful bag sling).  But at a recent babywearing meeting near my home in NJ, I got to try on a ring sling (a lightly padded Maya), the only type of sling I haven’t owned yet.  And I loved it!  Mal loved it too, he snuggled up right next to me in a hip carry and insisted that I cover him with the tail.  So easy to wear under winter coats.  So quick and easy to pop him up and down, thus saving my arms and my sciatic nerve.  This is the one folks!  At least, that’s what I’m telling my husband.

What sling is your current fave?  Are you hoping the Sling Fairy will visit you soon too?


  • So, apparently, I could totally make my own Maya wrap ring sling based on instructions from their website.  Anyone want to have a sling sewing party?
  • Although, if I wanted to really make a fancy sling, I’d make this one.  Um, internal harness to switch from front to back carry?  Yes, please.  (I know, I know, the Beco Butterfly 2 has it too.)
  • I secretly want one of these mei-tai hybrids too.  I tried one on at Metro Minis and it was oh-so-comfortable … but British and therefore, expensive.
  • I really want one of these Boba Packs in Tweet to attach to my boring old Boba.  Or make a similar one from here.  But will I probably settle for getting a Patapum waist pouch or bag, or get this one for the ring sling.  Just found this one too!  Has anyone tried these?
  • Find slings FSOT (For Sale or Trade) on the BabywearerCaution:  highly addictive!
  • I actually got to try on the awesome Boba 3G at the meeting.  The mama who brought it rented it from here – a sling exchange = genius!

Sunday Stream-of-Consciousness: Intentional Community

Inspired by the Aums “stream-of-consciousness Sundays” here is what I wrote in a spare 20 minutes:

Part of a living family is creating intentional community. This can look different to many people: staying close to their biological family, joining a Facebook group or Meetup (like ours!), becoming part of a CSA or food co-op, or sharing land and resources in an Eco-village or commune. Yet, reflecting on what we as human beings, both adults and children, need biologically for optimal growth, it is all too clear that we do not have what we need for day to day living: the support of at least one non-partner person with whom to share your life in all its’ messy glory.

In traditional tribal societies, it takes a village to raise a child, but also to do the duties necessary for living. Women had a circle of family and friends, older and younger, to cook and clean with and babies and children had multiple caregivers and friends right next door. Contrast this to our insular modern American life with its’ stream of playdates, classes and story hours as a panacea to relieve the tedium and no wonder many mothers (particularly stay-at-home mothers) are overwhelmed with feelings of boredom, fatigue and hopelessness as we struggle to “do it all”!

What solutions can we create in our own lives and communities to realize our dreams of happy, healthy “living families”? Please share, as I hope to explore this topic more in future posts.

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