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Sensory Bin: Beans and Buttons!

It was rainy, slushy, dark and cold out.

I knew was taking care of the kids alone  for a chunk of the afternoon. I didn’t want to take the baby out in messy weather (my baby boy is one month old!). I decided throw together a sensory bin I had been thinking about for a bit.

My daughter played with it for the entire two hours my husband was gone. Yet another confirmation that simple is best. I did play with her and share some of my own play ideas. It was easy and fun to practice sharing language and have quiet moments to just watch and play.

I put a bunch of black beans and a few handfuls of black-eyed peas in a bin. I added buttons of various colors and sizes.

I threw in some spoons and containers for scooping and pouring, stirring and dumping (toddler favorites!).

When she woke up from her nap, I let her get to work! She found all the buttons quickly. (Note to self: Use more, smaller buttons next time.)

She discovered things and buried things.

And even climbed in!

Tagging Tuesday: Reggio-Emilia and Play-Based Learning

Although Tagging Tuesday originally began on Facebook, there are so many wonderful resources on the Internet that are not FB-connected. I’ll focus on those here as well as post links to FB pages that have websites. Please comment if you have any additional resources to share!

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