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Sometimes Other People’s Woes Make You Feel Better

I have been in situations where the people around me are sharing (competing) about who has the woe-est of woes. The conversation feels icky, like a ray of positivity would be unwelcome and offensive. Some people live their whole lives in negativity, focusing on the bad and telling themselves sad stories. That is not what I am talking about.

I am talking about the heartache felt after loving and watching over precious little seeds, squealing with delight as they grew tall and strong, and seeing them turn suddenly and wilt without warning. Apparently this is called damping off. I read this article out of curiosity, and I instantly felt relief….”I WASN’T THE ONLY ONE!!!!” There isn’t anything wrong with me! I can do something about this!

Turns out seedlings that look perfectly healthy die quickly from being choked off by fungi!

Yes, I had these beautiful seedlings that died suddenly, and I grieved and wondered what we had done wrong. Well, someone else had felt my heartache, time and time again. They, however, transformed their multiple tragedies into joyful learning for others. Yup, I can do things to try to avoid them dying like that the next time around.

  1. Try bottom watering rather than watering from the top.
  2. Ensure adequate ventilation.
  3. Sterilize the soil……not sure about this one, but an interesting thought nonetheless….

Garden Goodness

One of the joys of gardening is watching the sprouts burst through the soil and grow. Each and every morning is an exciting adventure! Here’s what’s been happening in our Seedling Family:

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Sprouting Life!

Uma's First Seeds: Chard

My daughter planted seeds days ago. Well, they sprouted! Such a sweet moment.

Other seeds sprouted in our seed station, too. Exciting times!



A sad, but necessary, task:


New Life!

It was 70 degrees out yesterday. There are daffodils coming up. The forsythia is out and proud. Spring is here.

We are behind where we wanted to be with gardening, but I took my daughter on rounds to check everything and start seeing this year’s garden in my mind. Look what new life we found!

Daffodils Already!

Kiwi Berry Buds

Apple Tree Buds

Flowering trees!

Sea of Purple

Planting Seeds for New Life

It’s gardening time! We’re a bit behind where we want to be, but ahead of where we were last year. This year, Uma is walking and talking. My parenting philosophy encourages me to “let” her do what I do. Since we are planting seeds, I thought it would be sweet for her to plant some seeds and to watch them grow as she grows. I set up a little space (on a trashbag) for her to plant a few little pots for seedlings.

Scoop some dirt

Plant a Seed

Water Generously

Give lovin'

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