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Whether you have already tried EC (Elimination Communication) or you have never heard of a diaper free baby, we welcome you to Philly EC Babies. This is for people who are interested in finding out about EC as well as people who are practicing EC. Many EC families also use cloth diapers, so please come if you are interested in cloth diapering as well! Finding the cloth diaper that is right fit for your child and you through every stage can be challenging. Ask questions, hang with other EC’d and cloth-diapered children, and share your stories or expertise.  

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Topics include the following:

  • What is a diaper free baby or EC?
  • How can I get started?
  • How can I make EC fit my lifestyle?
  • How do I get my family on board?



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  2. Posted by Ciara on August 7, 2011 at 9:05 am

    I just got Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer and this meeting will be the perfect supplement to my EC education.


    • I’m glad to hear that! Yes, I find it really helpful to hear from people practicing EC so I can wrap my head around it. Ingrid Bauer book has a ton of information, but I also found Christine Gross-Loh’s book The Diaper Free Baby (pink and blue writing on cover) to be easier to read and use.


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