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Are you curious about babywearing, but don’t know where to start? Do have a sling sitting around unused? Not sure how to use the beautiful wrap someone bought you as a gift? This group is for babywearers to get support and tips. If you have never tried babywearing, come learn more about whether it feels good for baby and you. Try on a sling, learn safe babywearing, or share your expertise and questions. 

Contact us at for more information.

RESOURCE PAGES (coming soon)

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    • Posted by Christine M. on July 4, 2011 at 3:59 pm

      That’s great! Really excited for this, especially the REI playgroup. I’ve been wanting to learn more about the philosophy. 🙂


  2. […] Philly Babywearers […]


  3. wow, she sounds very hard core AP. I like to think of melsyf as more moderate Attachment Parenting. I breastfeed (my son is 15 months) but I no longer do it at night (or if I do, one maximum, mostly he sleeps through the night now). We coslept until around 6 months until we moved LO into his own queen size mattress on the floor of his own room (next to us) and one of us lays with him/I nurse him until he falls asleep and I leave. I babywore but only until he was 8 months old at which point he was ENORMOUS and I couldnt carry him anymore and out came the stroller! I love AP, but only in a reasonable level. Once its not working, change it! Oh, and I had a Natural birth and IT.SUCKED.BEYOND.BELIEF. I think that is the one tenant of AP that I am going to have to completely let go, if next time around isnt any better. But yeah, I think breastfeeding, birth bonding, cosleeping, babywearing are great! I dont think you have to go psycho about it and be nursing 4 5 times a NIGHT at 2.5 years old! That is really crazy! or at least it would make me crazy. But I still believe I am very much practicing attachment parenting, and enjoying it! You can do things at whatever level works best for you and LO.


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