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Siblings Without Rivalry starts September 15!

Parenting is one of the most challenging experiences we can have. Making our way with trust and joy in our hearts and purpose and calm in our minds can be difficult to manage, especially when we feel we are journeying alone. Sharing stories, thoughts and ideas with each other can help us all grow and learn and feel confident and empowered in our choices.

This book club is meant to be an opportunity for us to come together around one book and bring all our perspectives to a respectful and open discussion.

In their book, Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too, authors Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish share insights and direction for parents who have or are expecting to have more than one child.
These are the same authors who wrote How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, a valuable tome for parents and teachers on communicating clearly, kindly and compassionately. I read that book as a teacher before becoming a mother. (They also wrote How To Talk So Kids Can LearnSince then, I have learned more about Nonviolent Communication (as shared by Marshall B. Rosenberg and the Center for Nonviolent Communication). I have learned more about respectful parenting, positive discipline and motherhood in general.

Despite all I have learned and the ways in which I’ve grown as a mother and a person, I still find myself struggling at times when it comes to tandem nurturing. Despite watching birth videos for siblings in preparation for my son’s homebirth in which my 2 yo daughter was my main birth support, I realize I did not prepare, my child or myself, well enough for the actual addition of a sibling. I have already shared about the nose obsession that turned into a nose-touching issue with baby boy. Even though that has died down a bit, I continue to need support and wisdom to be a better mother to my two children.

Time for Siblings Without Rivalry.

I look forward to learning more specifically how I might think of my children’s interactions and how I might support their relationship growing into one that is loving and respectful if not close and confiding. I also want to know how I can apply all that I know already in a more effective way with two children.

What about you? Want to join me for an online book club exchange on the topic of siblings and parenting multiples? What would you like to learn from reading Siblings Without Rivalry?




PAST BOOK CLUB: Unconditional Parenting

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  1. Hi Mammas!

    I’m interested in the book club. I just ordered the book from Amazon, so I have some catching up to do, and look forward to participating in future discussions. I would love to attend in person, but we’re in Bryn Mawr and I just gave birth two months ago, so I’m mostly a homebody mommy now 🙂
    Still am interested in learning about the various parenting styles and gaining insight from you all.


    • Glad to have you, Michelle! No worries on catching up. The intro is short, and it’s a whole week till Ch. 1. (Like my hopeful thinking?) Congrats on your new little one. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and wisdom!


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