Baby-led Weaning: (Whole Olive for Baby?) The Pits!

During the summer, which seems so long ago now. I posted about giving baby whole fruit to explore and eat.

That one I had thought through and  felt confident about. I had never thought through giving baby a whole olive. Well, I didn’t have to, it turned out.

The other day, my olive-loving daughter was carrying around olives and happily eating away. My son got ahold of one (or was handed one?). Somehow, he kept this thing for a while.

My 10 month old crawled over to me. stood up and spit out a pit, the cleanest olive pit ever. 

He had eaten a whole olive and spit out the pit, but I hadn’t seen him do it. People are always talking about the dangers of babies and pits. My inquiring mind wondered…

What if I purposefully gave my son a whole olive?

In the mouth!

Turning the olive over and to the other side

Hmm, any more meat on here?

Picking off olive meat with chipmunk teeth

The pit, after the pasta became alluring…

RESOURCES: Baby-led Weaning/Solids

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