Sensory Play: Dropped Egg Turned Useful

Here’s What Happened:

I had a dropped egg that I had scooped up but didn’t get to the dogs. The next day my daughter poked the perfect yolk. We noticed that it ran….

That’s how it began….

Unique texture…

How does it feel? “Fwishy!”

The runniness of egg…

“It’s rubby!”

Egg moves in a funny way…..

Adding a bit of water to see what happens….

Adding water to see what happens….

“Hey! It’s not…it’s not as rubby! It’s…watering!…..It’s watery!”

“Let’s add more water!

2 responses to this post.

  1. so fun! She looks so big!


  2. We often think of the sensory table as being a tactile activity, which it largely is, but the other senses come into play as well! The tapping sounds of popcorn kernels hitting the bin, the pungent smell of baking soda and vinegar at work, the sight of separating colors as tinted water, oil, and syrup are mixed together are all sensory experiences that can be tapped at the sensory table. Taste sometimes finds less desirable ways to sneak in at the table as well, though taste-tests can also be properly planned as fantastic sensory experiences!


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