Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers: Bottle and Things…

I know it’s been crickets on here for a while. I’ve been working hard on creating this curriculum for a documentary film, “Fambul Tok” — well worth the look see. I also am finalizing a website for A Living Family Mentoring: Support for Living and Learning, otherwise known as the next step in my life that I’ve been waiting for since before my daughter was born.

I wanted to show you that I’ve not been completely neglecting my children and their needs as work more and mother face-to-face less (mixed feelings, as usual). Here is a little activity I threw together on a whim. I literally threw this together in five minutes by wandering around my house while there were three children under five in the house.

The Inspiration: A big, glass jug for local apple juice (farmers’ market find)…

The Setup

The Spread: long knit scarf, wooden and metal spoons of various sizes and lengths, a stick, a long string of beads, a length of fabric tie, two leaves (oak and maple), a clothespin, and a piece of a big seed pod (long ago torn apart and saved, optimistically, for just such an occasion)

I found this long after my 2.5 yo put them in. Surprised me that she got so much in there, including the leaves! I thought maybe the 4 yo helped, but no…

A look inside…

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