Parenting Challenge: Day 5: Noticing our Needs

[We are in the middle of a weeklong series on using our breath as a tool in our lives and our parenting. Day 1 we started focusing on our breath. Day 2 we used our breath to help our bodies open and relax. Day 3 brought our attention to our thoughts. On Day 4, we noticed our feelings as we breathed.]

Negative feelings come from unmet needs.

Our children have unmet needs. They ask, cry, whine, fuss or act out of alignment with family values to send the signal that they need their needs met.

Sometimes, we are short and impatient, finding it harder than ever to meet the needs of our children. Often, our lack of resources and reserves comes from our own unmet needs.

When we can get our own needs met, we can be our best selves.

When we feel imbalanced, it is in the interest of our children and ourselves to figure out how to meet our needs better. It may mean foregoing personal time in favor of extra sleep or making sure to drink that green smoothie every morning.

We can use our breath to take a moment and ask: What do we need in this moment?

When I stop to breatheI noticing my emotions and the feelings in my body. These can give me clues. Feeling overwhelmed? I need to find a way to get a shower or a chunk of time to finish a project. Body aching? I need to find the moments I can put baby down to explore or make time to stretch and move. I might have to wait till later, but at least I know I have a plan for getting my needs met.

Take time over the next day to notice, and whenever you can please add your experiences and insights in the comments here or on A Living Family Facebook page.

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