Strawberry Picking!

[This is the last of a series of photo posts about food, farms and forests! Previously, I shared some surprising toddler/pre-schooler activities in scissors in the garden. There was also a post with great photos on how A Living Family does forest/nature play! Hope you enjoy seeing some more of our outdoor fun and having lots of your own fun with your family!]

I had never been strawberry picking.

With strawberry season rolling in early (or so it seemed?), I got a date on the A Living Family community calendar for picking.

I had heard that strawberry picking can be good with children. Raspberries have all those thorns. Blueberries seem the best and easiest, but who can pass up sun-warmed strawberries?

This place had pygmy goats right on the way to the patches.

I believe this was intentional, and I thanked them silently, but earnestly, because my daughter was not interested in picking.

We rather quickly picked four quarts. I kept having to remind myself at how it didn’t matter that I could have picked a ton more if I was by myself instead of holding baby in the sling and keeping track of a 2.5 yo.

I found I didn’t really mind that we didn’t get ridiculous amounts of berries. I did want to freeze them so we could pick as much as we might use out of season. We haven’t been liking to buy from out of the country and prefer to buy from within the state/region.

We kind of missed the peak of the season, and this was probably our last chance to get organic, pick-you-own strawberries. Still, I feel good that we did something, one small step, towards living more consciously…more like the way we want to live. We will have a freezer full of fresh, peak strawberries, blueberries (at $1/lb!), raspberries, peaches and other fruits we love to have in smoothies. This means that even in the winter our smoothies can have ripened, local produce. Yum!

It is so easy to get swept up in society’s pace and priority-making. Days like this, or when I’m in the garden, when I am with plants, giving and receiving from them, make me realize the bounty the earth has to offer if we nurture it.

And that means nurturing whatever piece of earth we have. Planting one seed, one pot, one bed. Sharing the goodness we receive with others. This is one way to a healthier, and more connected and peaceful, world.

We got home, nicely sunned (but not reddened after one application of coconut oil for sunscreen). My husband (gratitude to him) cut them all and kept them in a bowl, ready to bag.

Who knew bagging strawberries is a perfect toddler activity.

That girl bagged those berries up quickly and carefully! It ended up being about 10 store bags full of frozen strawberries, for maybe $2.50 a bag. Then she “helped” me put them in the freezer (where she wants to check them “to see if they are done”).

I felt incredibly blessed at the end of the day, thinking about those bags of strawberries in the freezer, reflecting on how, when we enjoy those strawberries my son will be older–crawling for sure, walking and maybe even talking.

I am grateful for the reminder, to enjoy this life, and all its blessings, for the gift of the present….

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