Parenting Challenge Week: Focus on Breathing

Some time in the recent past, an online mama shared her post with me called “The Incident of the Passionfruit on the Vine: On Smacking Children.”

I wrote the following response:

“We want to teach our children. They learn through our example. Period.

I yelled yesterday (at the stroller and not her, but still), when frustrated and angry. Today, my daughter play acted shouting at her bike when she was feeling angry. She looked at me, and I said “I got angry yesterday, didn’t I? I wasn’t kind when I got angry.” I should have said I need to breathe when I feel angry. And I do. I pretty much could spend my whole day in a breathing meditation. Would do me good. Anyone up for the challenge with me?

Turns out that YES! There are others who are willing to focus on breathing. With the week-long event ( “Listen to Our Babies, Heal Our Nation: Bloggers Unite to Humanize Babies” I figured it would be one way to listen in to the needs of our children and the needs of ourselves. How could we go wrong?!

So begins the week-long parenting challenge to focus on breathing.

It’s pretty much that simple: Breathe….

  • When we’re feeling in the flow and feeling joyful, let’s notice our breath, moving easily and smoothly in and out.
  • When we’re feeling angry and feeling frustrated, let’s notice our breath, ragged or short or shallow.
  • When we’re tired and not getting our needs me, let’s at least notice our breath, using it to send oxygen all over our body and nourish our cells.

Breathing can give us time to think before we act and speak.
Breathing can help us find our way back to center.
Breathing can let us listen in more closely to the needs of our children and selves.
Breathing can make us better parents and better people.

I ask again: You up for the challenge? Just BREATHE……then share your experiences and insights on this post or on the daily question on A Living Family Facebook page.

Read more at Zen Parenting

3 responses to this post.

  1. Lovely, and thank you for the link back to Heart Mama.
    I use the breathe technique regularly as well. Mothering has taught me a new kind of resilience…one where I reflect internally and accept the situation that is happening. Graciousness. In fact, I think reflecting on breath has got me through just about every stressful situation where I haven’t collapsed in a heap. I stand tall, I breathe, and I accept. The situation invariably changes.


  2. Hi, I’m coming to this a little late, but this seems like jut what I need right now! Looking forward to participating in the challenge 🙂


    • Never too late to breathe, Helen! 😉 Glad to have you along. If you are able and willing, I’d love to hear your observations and thoughts along the way. ~sheila


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