Treasure Basket for Babies: Quick and Easy and Lots of Fun

Got a new baby on the move? Make a Treasure Basket in 5 minutes for baby from the things you have around already!

Baby boy, almost 6 months now, started scooting around a little while ago. Once he could move he would go after anything and everything. A basket of a wooden matching game seemed to be his favorite. He spent over thirty minutes playing with that basket of my daughter’s “two the same.” He even regularly spent time gnawing on the edges of the basket.

This burst of physical independence made me realize that I needed to quickly gather some quality items for baby to explore.

I happened to run across a post on treasure baskets from Living Montessori Now, and when someone else shared a link again I heard the message loud and clear. I checked out Nurture Store’s post on household items to include.

The Basket:

Wooden bear, metal spoon, rock, shell, hemp bracelet, pine cone

Excited to explore…

This wooden bear was the first thing I thought of.

I don’t know why I like that thing so, but so does baby boy.

I wanted to include the cool, hard nature of a rock.

Feels good to teething baby…

I was surprised that baby seemed to keep going back to the roughness of the hemp bracelet.

Some family members seem concerned about the edge of the metal spoon, but baby boy liked it well enough.

No problems here!

I could tell he was enjoying the stimulation and play. He plays for (what feels to me like) incredibly long stretches of time by himself. This has freed me up to mother my daughter in a more hands on way, from which we are both feeling a little healed. Thank you, online community, for giving me this idea!

So happy!

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