Mother’s Day Poem

A poem for you mamas: Thank you for reading and supporting A Living Family, on this Mother’s Day and every day…..~sheila

On Motherhood

Begins with the labor of birth.
Follows with the most intense and complete intimacy imaginable.
Continues through a hands on exploration of every aspect of life.
Towards an independence of body and mind
Through a soul deepening,
an ever more (clear) expression of self.

to give everything you didn’t even know you have
to let go completely
to trust beyond imagining
to hold close
to love
to hurt
to push
to learn
to grow
to awaken to Self as Mother
to embrace such joys
and such sorrows,
unknown rendering of spirit,
to feel the bright clarity of consciousness
to wallow in the dark mystery of conditionality
to try
and try
and try
and make mistakes
And yet
each day
to feel the power
of a child’s forgiveness
a child’s trust
a child’s love
that smile
that simplicity

Requiring the greatest of sacrifices.
Giving the greatest of blessings.
I am ever grateful to be on this journey….with you.

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