Screen Free Week

April 30 – May 6 is Screen Free Week.

I had never heard of this. When I researched it, I found out it was started by Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood. Their motto is “Reclaiming Childhood from Corporate Marketers.” I can definitely get with that idea. They have lots of resources on their website on media issues, including body image, the sexualization of childhood and the commercialization of babyhood.

This celebratory week represents putting all this invasive media messaging in its place.

Before I found out about Screen Free Week, though, I had already gone back to screen free for my daughter. She now Skypes with her grandparents, but is otherwise playing. Usually she can be found singing a little song while “cooking,” “riding a horse,” or “going farmers’ market.” I don’t know if it’s a result of no screen time or if I’m noticing more, but her imagination has gained strong foundations. I find myself joyfully pretending scenarios with my daughter, much as I spent my time as a little girl myself.

Although I have my daughter screen free, I continue to have issues with computer use.

I am using Screen Free Week as an excuse to reevaluate my relationship with this device called a computer. I considered scheduling posts, but I decided that it wasn’t really supporting Screen-free Week if I encouraged others to get online. I hope that I still have folks reading and commenting when I come back in a week. I’ve really enjoyed the increase in discussion on the Facebook page, appreciated the “likes” and new subscribers to the blog and found support for many aspects of my life through other people’s sites.

It’s just that I find myself wondering what life would be like without it.

No computer at all.

No electromagnetic waves hitting my energy field.

No time spent waiting for uploading and downloading or sending or posting.

MY PLAN: After Screen Free Week I will shift my relationship with the computer.

I want to have a time boundary for a tasks.

I will have 30 minutes, say, to do things on the blog and write, over the course of the day. What I don’t finish, I don’t finish. I want to see how far that time gets me. Work to use those minutes efficiently. I think this will help me move forward on multiple fronts rather than over-focusing on one area. I can use this as a starting point from which to evolve.

I want to try out different timings for computer work.

I tend to feel like checking everything in the morning when I get up. I don’t think that is necessarily the best thing for me. Maybe I would be more efficient doing computer things at another time. Maybe I write in the morning and do FB stuff in the night. I want to find what my rhythms are, what my family’s rhythms are.

I enjoy the work I am doing online.

I feel vibrant and guided as I build A Living Family community (locally and online). I feel passionate about supporting other families I connect with online. I am constantly growing and learning from all I do online. This computer has made me a better parent, truly.

I just need to put the computer use in its proper place in my life, to use it effectively as a tool to enrich and further my life.

With that, friends, starting Monday I will be off finding out what life is like without a screen….


2 responses to this post.

  1. You are strong, woman! I will miss you! But I love what you’re doing. I’m still mulling it over lol. TV is NOT an issue…it’s this here laptopical device…


  2. Single Crunch (Kimberly), I think this may be harder for me than giving birth (which I seem to have a strange affinity for). Thanks for the support. I got my fix of your blog last night and will be rolling by last thing tonight before it’s quits! I have to say, part of me is excited to be away for a week and come back and see what you cooked up for my little mind to ponder….

    Btw, I love your made up words. Definitely going to go with my instincts around that more often!



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