New and Improved Snack Station

December 2010: Eating oranges, surprise surprise....

Just over a year ago, I posted about creating a snack station.

I took the inspiration I felt years before from visiting Christine of The Aums and her first of now four children. I chose a place my daughter knew she could use to eat independently as she played. That snack station evolved and then at some point dissolved. For months and months I puzzled over how to create a more formal, self-serve snack station for my daughter.

Here are things I wanted for the new and improved snack station:

  • A plate/bowl, cup, pitcher (silverware? not sure it wouldn’t end up on the floor more than being used)
  • Personal snacks that can be independently open, taken and closed
  • The whole setup should be clear and accessible
  • Easy and quick restocking, cleaning and organizing the station

Recently, I set this up on a whim backed by a fury of inspired vision.

The New and Improved Setup

The snacks: fruit, nuts, hemp pretzels, raisins, prunes/apricots

I was excited to see how she liked the snack station and how she used it. I looked forward to following her lead on its evolution.Surprises delighted me all along the way.

She pulled up the step for a climby seat (notice the oranges)

I realized trash was needed, and she took to using it independently immediately.

She decided the snacks need to be stored in the sink. (I liked them all in a row.)

Pouring her own drinks is something she loves and something that brings me joy. I clean and refill this often with whatever fluids (mostly water and hempmilk since we don't do much juice).

Thirsty! Spilled some....

Felt affirmed for thinking to put a wipe there. She quickly used this independently as well.

Wiping our mess...

Putting it back is a motor challenge

She decided the wipe needed to be folded. Again and again for about fifteen minutes.

I was particularly interested to see how other children and families would use the snack station. I felt joy watching toddlers have independent interactions over their space and food.

Turns out there's good space to learn to share...

...and take turns.

This snack station is also a play space. There’s always something coming in and going out. My daughter and I continue to make it what we need.

Added a banana since she can open those independently, has a trash to put the peels in and can satisfy her insatiable love of this fruit!

Turns out the basket of this doll stroller makes the perfect travel snack station!

I am loving the new setup and finding it easy to restock and keep clean and organized. I feel happy that I finally was able to see how it could happen. I think it may have just been about letting my daughter’s skills develop a bit more (opening her own lids).

How do snacks work in your house? 

One response to this post.

  1. Love this Sheila! I may have inspired you many years ago, but this post has me thinking about how to reinvent the snack wheel at Casa de Aum.


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