A New Feminism

[This is the first of hopefully several posts from one of the  A Living Family dads.]

Much has been said in the last centuries in regards to what has become known as feminism.

It encompasses the entire struggle of women to regain their rightful place at the heart of society. For many years, that included a rejection by some women of their primary role as mother to their children. Motherhood was felt to be insignificant or degrading when compared with career. Women who chose motherhood were referred to disparagingly as “breeders.”

Lately though, in my observation, a New Feminism is arising naturally.

For myself, I take some hope from this turn of events. I believe it could indicate a return towards a balance of the polarized energies that make up our species, where due honor and respect is given to all roles of women and men (and neither is held to be better or higher), where we can view each other as complimentary energies, the sum of which is greater than the separate parts. It is the basis for a new understanding that encompasses the varied experiences that we share without imposing rigid gender distinctions. It allows for the acceptance of all the different ways that human beings live their lives and requires the demeaning of none.

Primarily, this is the result of women and their families reclaiming birth (and motherhood) from the male-dominated, and frankly chauvanistic, industrial medical system.

New Feminism embraces the role of woman as the giver and nurturer of life, as the center of the family and, thus, of culture. This is, in fact, a return to the earliest conceptions of our ancestors in which Mother was universally worshipped as the Goddess. The process of birth was, and is, the perennial Mystery of all life. Even today, the gestation of a baby is still only beginning to be understood and remains a miraculous natural process we can only observe with awe and wonder.

Most of all, New Feminism is not about gender.

It’s about family and community and making them the priority in this modern age. It is essentially a rebooted tribalism, incorporating the wisdom of primordial peoples into our current scientific, technology driven society. And I for one, think it is about time.

Ancient Mother Goddess (Stone Age figurine)

She is the Goddess
Bringing forth life on this Earthly plane
Her cries are the song of creation
Her blood is the water of life
Mother, sister, wife, daughter
I give thanks unto thee

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi there,

    I run a feminist magazine and website and I’d be really grateful if you would allow us to use this article (obviously linked and credited solely to you) on our website in our feminism area. Email me at


    if you’re interested!


  2. Fabulous! I had to click through when I saw Venus of Willendorf….
    I really appreciate the way you talk about balance and “complimentary energies”. I totally believe that. It’s about mutual respect.
    Plus you’re a poet when speaking about women.


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