Sunday Surf: Vasectomies, Art-play, Wetnursing and More!

Just a few links I’ve gathered in the last few weeks on health, children, breastfeeding and birth. Many are reposted from Facebook feed because they are just that good!



Vasectomy from Momma Jorje

One family’s experience of a preferred option for long term birth control for some.

BPA-free Canned Food Options

Must know information on which companies make a point of having safe cans.

Crunchy Betty 

Found her through someone’s post on honey (only) as a face cleanser. Her blog seems jam packed with great ideas for a “more healthy, money-saving, chemical-free life.” Crunchy Betty says, “Food on your face? It’s just the beginning.”


Babies Are Born with “Intuitive Physics” Knowledge 

Yes, babies are born knowing yet more than we thought….

Applying Pigment to a Surface from Teacher Tom

“Art-play is the process through which we understand.” Love the ideas, love the photos.


Do Interruptions Interfere with Early Breastfeeding

53 interruptions in the first 12 hours….seems over the top. But this made me wonder how having more than one child may affect early breastfeeding.

The Return of Wet Nursing  

Money for milk? Who would have thought? This brings up all kinds of strange wonderings…


Homebirth by State 

A map of homebirth percentages in 2009 by state. Fascinating trends.

Dads at the Core of the Experience: Pregnancy guest post by Empowered Papa on The Feminist Breeder

A series about what dads can do during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. What a genius idea! This is the first of the four….

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