Mamatography 2012: Weeks 1-3

After the birth of my son, I had the sense that my life was going to speed by over the next year.

I decided to take part in Mamatography 2012 in an attempt to capture this major year  of my life. The challenge? Take at least one picture a day and post once a week, either with or without a theme. I am feeling more of a shift to all things mothering, so I’m sure the theme of my posts will be my children and related topics that I talk about on here.

More than anything, I just invite you to see my family, my children, and all the randomness and ridiculousness we get up to. Stroll by. Check out some photos. Leave a comment….or not.

Hope you enjoy.

  • Week 1 (Sharing language, sharing “milkies,” salt lamps, and cosleeping)
  • Week 2 (Peekaboo with a bug, homemade “baking” play dough set, and sibling love)
  • Week 3 (Bones and body parts, a photo story of an outdoor adventure, toddler “reading” a book….in that awesomely endearing voice!)


Start your 365 Photo Challenge any time……

Mamatography 2012 

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