Sunday Surf: Natural Birth, Homebirth and Unassisted Birth Videos and Stories

This post has moved to the new A Living Family site!

Please check out the awesome, powerful videos and stories at this new link.

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  1. […] have interest, so I was hopeful when she started getting curious from watching all the birth videos.¬†One time before the birth, she asked to nurse, and I found that my aversion was less intense. […]


  2. […] series of three posts on birth. The first was on labor, postpartum and other birth information. The second included links to birth stories and videos. This post is intended to gather links for dads or birth […]


  3. […] and birth. Following this will be a post with resources for dads/partners and siblings and one with birth videos and stories. These are not all the resources out there. (For instance, I don’t have books, film and […]


  4. […] to the compilation of videos posted by Codename Mama, and my own gathering of viewing material for a sibling homebirth situation, in addition to the reading of We’re Having a Homebirth in preparation for her […]


  5. […] Sunday Surf: Natural Birth, Homebirth and Unassisted Birth Videos and Stories […]


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