Sunday Surf: Birth from Pregnancy to Postpartum: Information

[I planned to start this birth series before baby came. I expected to be going into labor a day or two from now. Instead, my son is two weeks old(!), and I post these as a new mama of two. (This has inspired an ongoing Tandem Nurturer series.)]

This is the first of a series of three posts on labor and birth. Following this will be a post with resources for dads/partners and siblings and one with birth videos and stories. These are not all the resources out there. (For instance, I don’t have books, film and product suggestions…a fourth post?). These are some of the links I have gathered along the way and found helpful. I hope they help others, too.


This post has moved to the new A Living Family site!

Please check out the awesome, powerful videos and stories at this new link.

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  1. What a fantastic resource! Great information!


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