Growth: There IS No Set Pattern

I have never cared about growth charts and percentiles.

It makes sense to me that with the wide range among adults there would come a wide range among children. It also makes sense that children do not grow in regular increments but in fits and starts. I also believe there is a difference in the growth of breastfed babies and babies who are formula-fed as well as babies who start solids around 4 months and babies who start solids after 6 months.

Recently my family has been looking for different health insurance. The company with the plan we have been looking at told us that they would charge us $150 extra a month because my daughter is “does not fall within their guidelines on the chart” for height and weight. (My daughter has always been a lightweight but on the taller side and completely healthy.) When asked what the concern is for her health, the representative was “sure there are many risks associated with having ‘low’ height and weight.” When asked to name one concern, the rep said, “I’m not a doctor, but I am sure there are several risks.”

So now you know. According to some insurance companies, it’s risky business to be short or lean, regardless of your child’s actual health condition and history (or what a pediatrician says).


Here are some growth charts, if you’re interested:

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  1. Posted by Ciara on December 17, 2011 at 11:33 am

    That’s ridiculous! What provider were you using? Did you look into CHIP?


    • We aren’t using any provider yet and have looked at CHIP. The plan would be awesome for my whole family, except for this blip. I’m hoping to get the latest “numbers” on her because we haven’t checked since the 18 month. She feels like she just went through a growth spurt. 😉


  2. WTF? That is completely ridiculous. I mean, okay, if that’s your policy at least support it with the specific risks and concerns.

    Those charts are BOGUS as far as I’m concerned…Well, perhaps they have some use for children with real developmental issues. Otherwise I simply don’t pay much attention.

    There has to be another provider that won’t be concerned with it.


    • Yes, I agree that the charts make no sense. I have avoided them up to now, happily. We’ll see what happens, but this plan (other than this nonsense) would be great for our whole family.


  3. […] that weaved it’s way through many conversations was that of trust. We had conversations about weight, climbing, eating, sleeping, nursing, signing, talking, sharing and more. Underlying all of these […]


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