My Happy Place: Day 27

Today’s Happy Place: Great Weather!

I love fall. I love the layering of clothes and the coolness of the air and the beauty of the trees. The only thing about fall is that every warm day could be the last. Right now, fall is nearing it’s end.

Having had a winter baby and expecting another winter newborn shortly, I know that winter is hard for me. It’s hard when I’m not pregnant or with a newborn. I just like having sunny days without the brutal chill or drying wind. This birth, I am encapsulating my placenta (or having someone do it, rather) to help with post-baby blues and hormone regulation. Even so, each and every beautiful day has me thankful–could be the last!

Today was a most gorgeous day. For that I am happy and grateful. Here’s hoping we can squeeze in at least one more somewhere before the long winter sets in.

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