My Happy Place: Day 26

Today’s Happy Place: Small, Local Businesses!

Today was Small Business Saturday! Did anyone check out a local store or a crafts fair–any alternative to the big stores and such?

We had a few stops before we went to the playground for some extra rompy run around time. I just love handmade crafts,  people who know their product and their customers, and that feeling of cheerful connection that happens in small businesses. It feels good to know that when I go to the farmers’ market or my local cloth diaper shop, my money is going to the people I am talking to and seeing each time or the farmers at home, say. Sometimes I have an acute sense of the reality that some of my favorite places only exist because people choose to go there rather than large manufacturers and distributors. I think of my hometown and other towns, pre-Walmart and pre-Target. Who knows how many little families had their whole lives shifted from companies like that moving in?

Anyway, my Happy Place today was grabbing a bit of local, handmade, small batch ice cream, the cutest dress for my daughter made from recycled sweaters, and some awesome second-hand snow boots for my daughter’s upcoming winter snow play. Thanks to all the hardworking and sacrificing families and individuals that keep small businesses alive for all of us!

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