My Happy Place: Day 24 and 25

My Happy Place Day 24: Giving Thanks

As I thought about what I am thankful for (seeing what everyone else was thankful for) I came up with this:

My Happy Place Challenge ( has caused me to think daily about what I’m thankful for in the day to day, but aside from the long list of obvious items:

I am grateful that I have the chance (and tools like the internet and human networks) to build a community (A Living Family – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Families) for myself and others. I hope we become a connected, thriving family that easily reaches those who are in need — of support, of information, of an ear, of inspiration, of hope….Let us lift each other (and our children) up beyond where we think possible…..

My Happy Place Day 25: Healing

My daughter is only two but she does so many thoughtful, caring things. At two, there is a sincerity to them as well that overwhelms the heart. I just never know when to expect such profound kindness from her.

For instance, this morning I put her on the potty. Many folks who practice EC (Elimination Communication) have probably had the experience when you are pottying your child (reading a book, say), and just at that very moment the urge to go hits hard. Well that happened to 34 wks pregnant me, and I had to go!

We have been talking a lot about taking turns and sharing as opportunities for that discussion arise. Well, I seized on that language telling my daughter that I really had to go potty and would like a turn when she was all finished. I told her I am waiting and trying to be patient.

Now she, who knows from our multiple experiences a day where waiting occurs with patience not so forthcoming, must have empathized with me somehow. After hearing my pitiful plight, she cheerfully said “Here you go, mama. I all finished.”Gratitude filled my whole body, along with relief….. 🙂 What a thoughtful gesture that made that moment so much easier for me.

A second, shorter (but equally sweet) story: She got her little quilt, laid it out on the floor, smoothed out all the wrinkles, asked my husband to lie down and said “I give you a massage.” She massaged his back and picked up his legs and put them down gently (like the chiropractor). She was so attentive and loving with those little hands and the focused look on her face.

My daughter is a healer, and she has begun with healing her parents. For that, and a whole lot more, I am profoundly grateful and moved.

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