My Happy Place: Day 23

Today’s Happy Place: Books and the Potty

I’ve written a bit previously about our EC experience and about how I love my daughter’s voice. Well, today’s Happy Place combines these two things.

Lately, my daughter will say she wants to read a book and then trot over to the potty. ??? Turns out she seems to have a sense that reading takes place on the potty. If she is on the potty, someone needs to be reading a book to her. Usually over and over or book after book. She’s pretty clear about what she wants and when.

Well, this morning after the sweetest, kissiest morning snuggles, I asked her if she would come in the bathroom with me (so I could keep an eye on and connection to her). “Ok!” she said, as I had a brilliant idea. I turned the tables and asked her to read to me while I sat on the potty. 

Having my daughter say “Brown bear, brown bear what do you see? Red bird, red bird what do you see?” in that sweet voice and seeing her excited face at reading me a book in a moment so often the other way around simply melted my heart. I knew then that the moment would be today’s Happy Place…..and that I will think twice before rolling my eyes at having her tell me to sit and read her a book on the potty (even though we both know she won’t go and just wants to read a book)…..

(Photo coming)

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