My Happy Place: Day 22

Today’s Happy Place: My baby’s Heartbeat

Any mama who has heard the heartbeat of the baby in the belly knows what an amazing feeling that can bring. The last pregnancy, when my midwife asked I wanted to hear the heartbeat almost every appointment. (I think that’s because of my previous miscarriage.) Sometimes I would try to listen with the fetoscope, but I could never hear anything. (It’s harder when you don’t have the forehead vibration/connection — impossible for a pregnant mama.) I usually had my midwife use the Doppler. The hand-held Doppler is actually a form of ultrasound and brings up the issue of risks much like the transabdominal ultrasounds. This time around, I decided to use ultrasound technology as little as possible. I did want to hear that heartbeat earlier on, again out of fear from miscarriage. After I heard that thump loud and clear once, I stopped asking to hear the heartbeat. (Of course, my midwife checked the heartbeat, but she uses a fetoscope for herself.)

Today, though, I heard my baby’s heartbeat through a fetoscope!

It was hard to hear at first, but when repositioned on the belly the fetoscope gave me a clear and regular thump, thump sound that made my heart sing. Having tried multiple times before and being unsuccessful, I was doubtful and quickly discouraged. Being able to hear the heartbeat this time with just a fetoscope makes me excited to try in all the remaining prenatals. (Not too many left! Next visit is home visit! Wow!)

So today, my happy place was closing my eyes, opening my ears, heart and mind and listening to one of the sweetest sounds that has ever existed……my baby’s heartbeat.

Listening for the Heartbeat (Week 27)

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Jessica on November 22, 2011 at 9:52 pm

    Wow that’s amazing Sheila … how wonderful! makes me feel all warm & cozy inside for you …



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