My Happy Place Day 16: Raining Good Times

Today so many happy things happened.

As I described in yesterday’s Happy Place, I was feeling a bit down because I wasn’t really anywhere close to the better mom I am working towards. Then as she was getting sleepy before bed I realized she was feeling a little under the weather (cause of recent two days of fussiness?). After I put her down I read this article a friend shared: Daily Rhythm at Home and Its Lifelong Relevance. The author talked of “breathing in” moments (when my presence packs a powerful punch) and “breathing out” moments (when I can expect her to more easily play with herself because of time given previously); I was reminded of the rhythm I wanted to create and the slower feel I wanted our days to have. In short, I have not been feeling present enough with my daughter, and I think she is showing signs of needing more quality interactions with me. Following my own realization from Happy Place Day 15, I woke up this morning knowing I had another opportunity to try again.

Honestly, it’s been a great day, in spite of any mistakes I have already made and the rain preventing us from being outside as much.

It started with me realizing, as she said in that little voice “come on, mama, come with me,” that when she wakes up is a “breathing in” moment. We laughed and talked while she played in bed for a few minutes. Then we read books on the potty after she said she had to go. My husband took her downstairs, and they made smoothies together. (I grabbed a few minutes to myself to do some work and cleaning…”breathing out” moment.) When she called for me to come down and have smoothie (“breathing in” moment), something silly just came up in me.Then when I got downstairs she was sitting with daddy and said, “Mama’s going to catch me.” Turns out we had the same idea!

My Happy Place Day 16: Good Times

I hid behind the couch and knocked on the floor to get her attention. She immediately took the bait and set off on an adventure to find mama. She looked everywhere knocking usually happens; she looked for many long minutes! It was such fun watching her excited face as she played this hide and seek game.And that toothy smile when she realized she had found me….PRICELESS!

So, yay, for good times created by a good attitude. Plus, we finished organizing the baby room (and things we have so far for the baby) and the playroom! Relief and joy, all around…….and it’s not even dinnertime……

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