My Happy Place: Day 14 and 15

Missed posting about my Happy Place yesterday, but I did think about it! Here’s Day two days together.

Happy Place Day 14: My Husband

Apparently it’s Happily Married Week. Who knew. There’s a week for everything. That works fine for me, though, because I am happy I married my husband. We’ve been together for almost 11 years and married more than half that. Ups and downs and hard conversations and joy-filled moments. Despite the tough moments, I know (always) that I am blessed to have someone I can communicate with, someone who is growing with me and willing to grow as an individual.

As my husband and I face the reality of another child (newborn! and  a toddler!) My Happy Place from Day 14 is specifically that he is willing to grow with me through the process of our lives. (After all, this is our chance to correct some wrongs we have done the first time around.) So, husband, THANK YOU for being on this journey with me. Can’t imagine travelling with anyone else.

Happy Place Day 15:

Today’s Happy Place: Another Moment, Another Chance….to Laugh

The last few days, I have felt a shift into that last phase of pregnancy. I’m definitely getting big to the point that it’s harder to move around and ligaments are beginning to stretch to make room for baby. I am more tired. I feel moodier. My brain is getting foggier (though preparations for the birth are perpetually clear in my mind.)

Needless to say, even though I am actually feeling great overall, I am not feeling the reserves of patience and compassion that I might have had a few weeks ago. This hits while my daughter (now 2!) has made it to full on conversation and a much deeper understanding of what is going on than we remember from moment to moment. She knows that when she can’t do what she wants to do it is me not letting her do it. She has big feelings about everything. Distraction is less appropriate. Words about limits and other options frustrate her. I’m ok working through feelings with her, but what I’d really like is for the playful parenting (from this past Sunday Surf) to come more easily to me. Anyway I’m working on it, and it’s easy to feel discouraged that it seems to all of a sudden be a more frequent thing, these potential power struggles.

Today I felt a knowing and feeling that I always have the next opportunity to try again. Somehow, this has brought me relief when I can’t keep the exasperated tone out of my voice or when I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get my daughter to give me back the thing she has grabbed dangerously instead of throwing it (because I don’t want her to have it). I had lots of opportunities to make mistakes and try again, which made the day full of some rough moments and some funny ones.

Today’s Happy Place is a silly little moment from the day’s events that brought us both to laughter:

I was happily napping with my daughter (after she took forever to get to sleep). I woke and forced myself to get up and turn of the mushroom stock I made, just finished straining it when I thought I heard a cry. How did she sleep so little? I went up there and heard her say “mama.” I went through the little “baby room” into the bedroom and didn’t see her. I asked where she was bummed that we couldn’t just both go back to sleep. “I’m over here,” I heard from the baby room. I looked back into the room and didn’t see her….immediately. This little girl had climbed up on the second level of the built in shelves and was curled up on all fours on top of all the newborn clothes I had arranged. Just looking at her ridiculous self all small up there, I couldn’t help myself. We caught each others eyes and just started laughing hysterically. It was good stuff.

There’s usually an opportunity to laugh if I can see it….

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