Sunday Stream-of-Consciousness: Intentional Community

Inspired by the Aums “stream-of-consciousness Sundays” here is what I wrote in a spare 20 minutes:

Part of a living family is creating intentional community. This can look different to many people: staying close to their biological family, joining a Facebook group or Meetup (like ours!), becoming part of a CSA or food co-op, or sharing land and resources in an Eco-village or commune. Yet, reflecting on what we as human beings, both adults and children, need biologically for optimal growth, it is all too clear that we do not have what we need for day to day living: the support of at least one non-partner person with whom to share your life in all its’ messy glory.

In traditional tribal societies, it takes a village to raise a child, but also to do the duties necessary for living. Women had a circle of family and friends, older and younger, to cook and clean with and babies and children had multiple caregivers and friends right next door. Contrast this to our insular modern American life with its’ stream of playdates, classes and story hours as a panacea to relieve the tedium and no wonder many mothers (particularly stay-at-home mothers) are overwhelmed with feelings of boredom, fatigue and hopelessness as we struggle to “do it all”!

What solutions can we create in our own lives and communities to realize our dreams of happy, healthy “living families”? Please share, as I hope to explore this topic more in future posts.

One response to this post.

  1. Jen, love this. (Really coherent for SoC!) This concept of having others in the “family” never ceases to strike me as genius and so not accepted here (in the States). We are so private and personal and independent and individualized….yet there is a dysfunction there, a struggle that everyone is bearing. How can we let go of a bit of our load? Who will pick it up? Trust is the foundation of relationships. How can we increase trust among families so that the community is felt by the individuals?

    Can’t wait to read more about your thoughts on this… : )


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