My Happy Place: Day 5 and 6

My Happy Place Day 5: Friends

Having friends over and sharing yummy food made my whole family happy. I spent yesterday from waking to sleep late at night prepping and enjoying my daughter’s second birthday party. (I made those chai cupcakes again….better this time.) It felt like a great, buzzy bunch of families. The children are now old enough to wander into spaces by themselves as their parents wander in and out of conversation. Just being with all the children and adults flowing easily and continuously feels wonderfully fulfilling.

My Happy Place Day 6: Organized Spaces, Organized Mind

Lately I have been feeling this build up of a need for action. I get overwhelmed with all the things that can and could be done in all the areas of life. That’s when I start making a list. Making a list gets all those random thoughts out of my head and out where I can happily cross them off and forget about them. There are so many things I want to do before this baby comes….soon! My mind feels better now that I have a list of things we need to do before the birth.

There’s not much time prepare for the birth. Having this party yesterday enhanced my motivation to organize my home spaces in preparation for child #2. The main goals are simplicity and clarity of purpose and organization so that my daughter can move through our home more independently. I can feel the relief in my body, mind and spirit from having a clear, organized space. I feel encouraged in my efforts to be a better mom.

Organized spaces + organized mind = calm spirit.

I am finding deep satisfaction from this weekend’s happy places. I have a ton of things to do and not so much time to do everything, including prepare exciting play activities my 2 year old to explore when the baby is taking a lot of my time, energy and attention. Even so, I feel good that I made some significant progress this weekend AND had an awesome time socializing with friends new and old.  Thanks, Easy Peasy Kids, for creating this challenge and sparking me to move forward with a positive attitude!

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