My Happy Place: Day 2

I started this Happy Place challenge yesterday. Read more about it and Easy Peasy Kids, where I got the idea in the first place.

Today’s Happy Place is the sheer sweet feeling of her little feet on me while she nuzzled into my back during sleep.

I love the cuddles I get in bed whether awake or asleep. I am loving waking up and seeing her face, the same face and look I saw two years ago tomorrow. Oh, time flies……..and brings me goodness I hadn’t thought of, like those little feet…..

I have a feeling that many of these happy moments are going to involve my daughter. I only have a few weeks with her (and fewer than I thought do to some lazy/wishful counting — 31 weeks already!). I love this little love nugget!

You have a Happy Place today? Write it in the comments!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Your children are the best happy moments ever x


  2. I am blessed to be having the opportunity to experience happy moments with childREN in a few short months!


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