My Happy Place: Day 1

Easy Peasy Kids wrote a post called My Happy Place which she said “will be where everyday I will write about anything that made me smile, laugh or made me feel good.” And she did! Plus, she asked folks to join her….which I wanted to, but didn’t really. Yesterday I guess was feeling happy enough to share My Happy Place:

The sweet little excitement I see in my 2 yo daughter when we talk about the baby in my belly coming or how she wants to intently “watch baby” videos. Makes me feel good as our whole family transitions for number 2. 

Yesterday was Nov. 1, and I (sadly?) need a reminder to truly stop and fully acknowledge and feel the happy moments of my life both little and big. I want to use the month of November, generally a thanks giving month anyhow, to stop and share my Happy Place each day. As I said before, I am blessed more than anyone I know, as far as I can tell. My attitude and approach should reflect that. I think reflecting more will help.

SO … each day I will recognize and share My Happy Place … want to join in? Just take a moment to add your Happy Place in the comments on any given day! (Or link up to Easy Peasy)

5 responses to this post.

  1. Love hearing how excited Uma is about the baby and your growing belly. Sibling bonding is underway! My recent happy place is family conversations in the car and how much the kids make me and Aj genuinely laugh out loud.


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  3. I am just getting to full conversations in the car. I think with four you must get some great ones — ones you are just eavesdropping on, too! 😉


  4. Hello. so plaesed you have joined the Happy Place, for me it’s been a real insight into my behaviour and Now feel so much better. Even on Urgh days I can still find and enjoy simple happy moments.


    • Thanks, Nathalie, for opening up your life and starting this Happy Place sharing with everyone. It’s kind of fun to have an ongoing thought thread throughout the day: “Is THIS my Happy Place?” It really does change the perspective of the moment….and the whole day.


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