Wordless Wednesday: My Daughter, My Midwife

Listening for the Heartbeat: My midwife's daughter shows my daughter how to use the fetoscope

4 responses to this post.

  1. There is nothing more miraculous than a childs ability to effortlessly learn new things!.
    (is she wearimg a construction hard? nice touch! =:~)


    • So true! It’s also amazing to see what children learn from each other.
      Her friend has the bike helmet on. We saw them earlier and decided they needed to be worn. Then she just wanted to keep hers on. You know, midwife protection. Uma has not yet earned the helmet…you know, as an apprentice and all….; )


  2. Love this shot! Especially seeing Uma connect with the baby so early. How cool to be a midwife’s daughter… and a toddler apprentice!


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