Breastfeeding Challenges, Solutions and Stories

If you are struggling, one thing to remember is that you are not alone! Other people have experienced some of what you are experiencing; many have written about it on their blog! All of the links in this post are stories and experiences of women who have made it through tough times and have written about their struggles, successes and wisdom.

My guess is that if you asked a breastfeeding mama, especially an extremely experienced one, many would say they like/love breastfeeding. These same people who love breastfeeding, did it for years of their life and so on, they still faced challenging situations. I think every breastfeeding mama (or mama, period) has asked herself:

Healing Mastitis Naturally

Breastfeeding: What I Wish I Would Have Known…THRUSH!

My Excess Lipase Journey

7 Breastfeeding Troubles and How I Overcame Them

Don’t Bite My Nipples!

Tale of Two Titties

Our Nursing Story

Uncommon Lessons Learned from Breastfeeding

A Breastfeeding Mother’s Top 5 Tips for Success

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  1. Thanks for including my “Nursing Normals” post! What a great list of posts you have here…wonderful support for any nursing mama 😉


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