Breastfeeding Basics and How Tos

This is “basics and how tos” not because I am a breastfeeding expert but because there are vast struggles that mamas encounter and so many resources out there to help. I am not a breastfeeding expert. I do know that breastfeeding and staying committed to breastfeeding can take work and willpower and more. The first days and weeks are the hardest for some; for others it’s the ups and downs that can come later. I hope this gathering of links and resources touches on the range of issues that folks can face.


If you are struggling with breastfeeding and need some How To advice, GET SUPPORT. I am not an expert, but there are links to people who are, information, and other moms going through similar struggles.


The Early Days and Weeks

Latch and Positions

Let Down and Supply Issues

Is this safe for breastfeeding … ?

Mother-led weaning and Child-led weaning

Breastmilk: Some Facts

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