World Breastfeeding Week Topic Series


I usually don’t mark these kinds of things, but I have long wanted to write about my breastfeeding experience and share some of the resources and ideas I have gathered. Now, with World Breastfeeding Week as an excuse, I am inspired to create a breastfeeding series. Who knows, breastfeeding is such a complex issue, I might need more than one week to get things in. It’s a start, though.

[To see a full list of WBW articles/posts on Natural Parents Network, here’s the post: “NPN Communicates about WBW.”]

Each day I will post on a different topic with links and resources.

Though breastfeeding comes naturally to some women and babies, it is by no means easy to breastfeed. Add the complexities of pumping, being pregnant while nursing, or tandem nursing and you have more solutions to seek. Indeed, some women cannot breastfeed despite all known solutions for a large range of reasons. None of the upcoming posts is meant to tell others what to do with their choices, and they are certainly not meant to make anyone feel bad. As Kate Wicker says in her post “Breastfeeding and Calling a Truce on the Mommy Wars,” we need to “start building each other up instead of tearing each other down.” All viewpoints are welcome in a respectful debate. I simply want to present information and perspectives, ones that are often relegated to the periphery or unheard yet are common to so many women.


  1. Comment to share your story and opinions.

  2. Write your own blog post and link up on Natural Parents Network‘s WBW Bloghop.

  3. Fill out interview questions (for breastfeeding mothers and their partners) to participate in a Breastfeeding Survey Series.

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