What I Love Wearing More Than Clothes

My daughter! Just like Mama Eve explains in her post “Falling for Babywearing Again!” I have had a varied and shifting relationship with slings and babywearing. I’ve had so many sling experiences.

First I had a pouch sling, the ones that were all over the news for being a smothering hazard. I was never worried for her safety, but I also had to readjust her constantly because she was so small and weighed so little.

She soon got big enough, even with her tiny frame, to make the thing uncomfortable and awkward. I turned to the woven wrap, 9 ft, Didymos that my college volleyball coach gave me. This worked well till she got heavier. Then I had to keep tying and retying and readjusting again.

I moved on to a mei tai from Babyhawk (red) and one from Kozy Carrier (brown). Loved the mei tai style so much after all the tying and long dangling ends and giant knot of the woven. Quick and easy and easy to readjust. I could nurse in it rather discreetly and easily–a major plus. Kozy Carrier has so many resources on her site. Then she got heavier and taller. That thing hurt and shifted in the worst ways for me, and nursing was no longer discreet with her head popping out. I did try the back carry with this sling. I did like that and so did she on occasion. I gardened in it wonderfully. I wasn’t good at it, though, and found it difficult to get it right sometimes when others it felt perfect.

I realized from watching friends with a heavier baby that I should get an Ergo. With it’s padding and adjustable straps and heavy waist weight distribution, I felt so comfortable in this thing. My daughter felt light again, my neck pain gone. I could do so much so easily. Nursing was once again discreet and easy. I tried a back carry now and again, but she couldn’t get high enough to see and didn’t seem to enjoy it much. Then, she went through the biggest growth spurt yet, started running and demanding to be taken in and out of the sling on walks. With two dogs it’s not doable for me to watch her run by myself.

Eventually the pain of the weight on my neck and shoulders and my daughter’s desire to move around made me give up babywearing for a while. It felt easier to just pick her up in my arms and put her down, as many times as she was wanting to be picked up and put down just as quickly.

Then, after days of crying hysterically to get picked up right when we started to make dinner, I realized she wanted to watch us cook. It seemed easier to put her in the sling than hold her all the time. Around that time someone in my homebirth community posted about Boba slings on Facebook. I read how some other families from our homebirth class were feeling success and comfort with the sling. They pointed to improvements on problems I was having. I felt grateful to have an option.

I ordered my Boba, and it came FAST! They must know about the sufferings of parents. From the first carry it has been a dream. Here’s a weird thing, though. The Boba and the Ergo are and look so similar to me. I have no idea why the one is more comfortable now. The Boba does have  a longer body for bigger babies and is meant for a heavier child. This is what I have been particularly grateful for because I can do the back carry without worrying that her neck will hurt if she falls asleep.

In fact, this Boba has been my saving grace of late. Not only can I get her on my back ridiculously easily, but she loves it. I can wear her content self on my back while grocery shopping instead of having a wiggly toddler in the cart. I put her in there while I do things around the house or go for a walk, and she falls asleep. For someone who knows the alternative is nursing to sleep, I have loved having an option that both of us like. I can even get her out of the Boba onto the bed without waking her up. Yay and yay.

So, yes, my journey of babywearing has not been smooth, but I have learned so much and loved wearing my child. I am so happy to be able to wear her comfortably again. There is something so close and sweet. It reminds me of when she was little. At some point in the future, I hope to be able to use my slings and experiences to help other mothers, fathers and caretakers find comfortable ways to wear the ones they love with joy and comfort.

Babywearing is one ancient practice that seems like a no brainer, even in this modern age.

Local to Philly and the surrounding areas? Come to Philly Babywearers. Get support, try on slings, and share stories and questions.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Yay! I’m so happy. I’m the one who posted about the BOBA and I haven’t even been able to get one yet. I just tried it on once. As I was reading your post I could totally related to the progression of needs and in my head I was saying, “get the boba” and you did!


    • You were indeed the one who posted on FB. That and Jen’s Boba and then reading that Krista was into the Boba, or her daughter was when she previously wasn’t….all good, helpful stuff. THANK YOU, once again, lady.


  2. […] my husband, as much as possible. The babywearing has offered a sweet closeness that I missed. My babywearing journey has been full of unexpected twists and […]


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