I Can’t Help but Cry

I’m free with my emotions. I admit it. But I think most people must feel or think something when they read this article…..from the BABY’s perspective. “What Natural Childbirth Means to Your Baby” at the least, I think, would help people understand and advocate for mothers and babies and families much more than they do.

She also had great related posts:

  1. We Choose Natural Childbirth Because We Know What Goes On in the Hospital
  2. Childbirth Without Fear – What You Need To Know About Fear And How It Affects You And Your Baby
  3. An Unexpectedly Unassisted Natural Childbirth
  4. Giving Birth At Home – The Benefits Of Home Childbirth
  5. How to Get Your Partner on Board With Your “Crazy” Natural Childbirth Idea- A Mans Perspective

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