My Daughter Is Cooking

She is indeed baking up quite wonderfully with her running and talking. I love watching her grow, but what I continue to be surprised by is the fact that my daughter is cooking. I caught her with her rolling pin today saying, “Pisa, pisa” and making sauce like we did together two weeks ago.

I annoy myself often by badgering my child because I just love to hear her talk. She always stops when I turn on the video camera. Watching her roll the pin back and forth intently, singing about pizza, made my heart melt and jump for joy simultaneously. I did love that hemp whole wheat pizza we made a few weeks ago.

After making pizza, she did seem to get jazzed about cooking. I had just found her chopping tool when was getting ready to cut vegetables for a curry stir-fry vegetable with brown rice vermicelli noodles. I told her I found her chopper, and she ran across the kitchen saying “shup! shup! shup!” She went over to her step and pulled it over to the counter.

I am really enjoying sharing the kitchen with my daughter. She does what she can, and I am continually amazed as to what that is. I love that we are cooking more at home and cooking more together as a family. Brings joy to my days…….and yumminess to my tumminess!

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  1. Posted by meg on May 7, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Hi Uma, Can I have a slice???? I like how tidy she is
    cleaning up after using the pans.


  2. Getting little ones cooking is great – I’ll be doing some articles on my blog soon of my two year old and I cooking!


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