What Does “Natural” Mean?

What is natural childbirth?

In fact, Bring Birth Home has brought up just this question months ago, and I just stumbled upon it. I found myself thinking about this a bit deeper than usual. I thought (assumed) we all agreed, but really we are probably all over the map.

Here are some highlights:

When I think of a natural birth I automatically think of being at home, I’ve had 3 this way, 2 in water. Being in a hospital isn’t natural to me. Only until a number of years ago did women start going to hospitals in order to have their babies. Pregnancy and birth are treated as a disease, an illness, an inconvenience. Before nowadays, women had given birth for thousands of years, out of hospitals, naturally…the way nature intended.

But this is not for every woman, and I respect if a woman chooses to go to a hospital or even chooses to have a c-section. There is no right or wrong really. A woman must educate herself and her partner. As a result of being educated, there will be less fear. As fear of birth lessens, women and men become empowered and their faith increases. REAL faith in themselves, faith in the power that IS birth. FAITH results in a mystical and spiritual experience… the great mystery and miracle of life is beheld and cherished. How should you greet the great mystery and miracle of life?? Is is completely up to you!

I planned a homebirth. I labored at home and was transferred to the hospital by ambulance when I was at 10cm due to a cord prolapse. I had a c/s within 15 minutes of arriving at the hospital. I will always say that I had a natural childbirth, and no one can tell me different. My baby was born in the way that he was supposed to, and to me there’s nothing more natural than that.

Natural Birth is an entire atmosphere that already exists in the community, which acknowledges the sacredness of pregnancy, childbirth and childhood development. In that atmosphere, people welcome reproduction (a.k.a. sex) as a natural event that is sacred. The community already has all the knowledge necessary for natural childbirth. The birthing woman has no doubts and no fears, only certainty. With that inner and outer support she goes on to a natural childbirth. No hospitals, no interventions, as there haven’t been for countless thousands (actually millions) of years. We can’t have natural childbirth without at least some of that “tribal” atmosphere. The more we can create that atmosphere, the better off we are.

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