The Next Level

My daughter loves to watch us cook.

I think this because whenever it is time to make dinner, she cries, sometimes hysterically, to be picked up. Then the crying immediately stops and turns to chatter about and animated pointing towards the food. It’s only natural she should be interested in food; she is my daughter!

When she wants up, I usually wear her in the Ergo. Tonight, however, in an impulsive moment, I decided to bring the steps to the kitchen. Now, my baby is a climber and has been all her life. I feel comfortable with her climbing because she has demonstrated a healthy balance of caution and risk-taking.

I realized that climbing onto a step to cook was taking both her climbing and her engagement in our life to the next level. Of course she would be thrilled to be feeling a sense of competence and independence. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?!

All of a sudden, I was excited to try out the chopper I got from For Small Hands. (A Montessori site with all kinds of tools sized for little people) My friend and I got things that we use a lot — brooms, choppers, and gardening tools. All reasonably priced, comparatively. They seem sturdy as well. My child is on small side, so these tools are especially helpful for her. Otherwise, I am facing the whole family being knocked out by her excited sweeping attempts with the big person broom.

This chopper was effective, though I was still nervously hawk-eyed while she chopped and figured things out. Next time, I will hold the chopping board closer to her. She needed a lot more force than she was able to get when her arm was extended. I also am looking forward to other vegetables and fruits. Cauliflower is difficult! All in all, I think my whole family came away satisfied and joyful about the whole experience. I am definitely wanting more. I think my daughter was, too. She really did take it to the next level.

Making Dinner (3 months ago)

My daughter loves to cook!

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  1. […] but she does help with laundry sometimes and will throw away trash. She likes to feed the dogs or help make dinner. All in all, she enjoys doing what we do, including chores around the […]


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