Showing up for Life

So, perhaps you recall that we are on an Anyway Project journey, along with Darla and Jen. We haven’t had goals for two months. As we finish this one, and my luxurious spring break beckons, I pleaded with myself to at least come up with some concrete and ambitious goals for an intense break of getting my life in order. It feels now or never in some departments. I need to get my life together, pare things down to the essentials and build in some structures. If I want to live differently, I need to make the space to put in the time — into my family, into my body, into my life.

I had the idea to start with one full week, 7 days, of my “vacation” to SHOW UP for my life and truly work hard on the things I want to create for my Living Family.

I worded this in the form of some routine activities and some projects around the house to accomplish.


  • Clear Out/Organize–clothes, garden beds, kitchen cupboards, dog house, garage….now I’m getting carried away!
  • Create — clothing station for Uma, sprouting station for garden seeds, compost set up, budget/system that works for us.

Daily Routines:

  • Mind Body Spirit— yoga, meditation, dream journal, breathing!
  • Food — smoothie, salad
  • Homefront — clean something, gardening
  • Family — walk (with dogs), play music together
  • Reality Check — look for “job(s)” and focus my intention on finding a way to make a life that allows me more time with my family………

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