Absolute Trust

Ideally, absolute trust starts with the process of birth.

Mothers trust their instincts and intuition around eating, exercise, and all around wellness. Mothers trust their bodies to grow a child and trust their hearts to welcome a new spirit to the world. All this means a calming of the mind, silencing of the chatter and the shoulds and the musts: a listening.

Humans are animals like any other, and an animal mother knows and trusts — with their every ounce of her being — in her ability to birth. There is no question. They birth in the silence of trust and follow their instincts. Human mothers are not exceptions to this rule. Even a mother’s kisses are instinctual acts with biological and chemical drive towards optimal health and wellness.

Ideally, a mother’s trust in herself extends beyond her power in birth into motherhood as she learns, simultaneously, to trust her child.

Despite teaching for years, I still find it hard to wrap my head around trust in a child’s ability to self-direct learning. Having a child and watching her learn and grow has made it clear to me:

Humans are learning machines.

Our brain’s are designed for the task. Astra Taylor’s talk “The Unschooled Life” blew out any remaining limitations on my understanding of that truth. I encourage anyone who wants to have more trust in their child’s ability to learn:

  1. Watch any baby or young child try to do something they want to do.

  2. Watch all the way through Astra Taylors  “The Unschooled Life” (1:15 min)

Ideally, we have absolute trust in each and every child’s ability to learn.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lata Murti on February 16, 2011 at 1:14 am

    For me, learning how to trust like this meant learning that I can’t control everyone and everything in my life…but also choosing to focus on those things that are mostly under my control (like my own verbal and emotional responses to others and my academic work).


  2. […] another wake up call to stop labeling my children (even “3 year old” is a label, says unschooling advocate Sandra Dodd). My children are capable of more than we are both conscious of in the moment. […]


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