Living in Truth

I have been thinking a great deal today about what it means to write and have this blog. So much of what I say is expression of what I am thinking and feeling in the moment. This blog is an expression of me. Anyone who knows me has most likely glimpsed the insanity of thoughts that exist in my tiny brain. They also know that I learn through dialogue.

I am not afraid to actually disagree, nor am I afraid to change my opinion and say so if I truly believe differently. I am an open and honest person, so I try to be so in this endeavor as well. This leaves me vulnerable at times and puts me dangerously close to judgment at other times.

I say dangerously close because the last thing I intend to do is judge, disrespect, disregard, demean or alienate anyone. I don’t wish to offend, and I hope never to condescend. However, I have chosen topics that go right to the core of many a human’s feeling center. People have opinions on how to birth and raise their children, how to eat and live. They have strong opinions and strong experiences and strong feelings. I am no exception.

Yet I want to enter in to the waters of dialogue with other folks. I want them (yes, you!) to feel safe enough to post a comment or send me an email. I want how I express myself to be digestible and ideally somewhat palatable, as if, metaphorically, we are breaking the bread of understanding together because we all need nourishment. I am on this journey to learn, and I love learning, even the hard, uncomfortable lessons and moments.

The Truth….

Recently I wrote a post that my husband’s poem and support inspired me to write. I struggled the whole time to be true to my inspiration: home birth. The truth is, though, that I am more in full support of women birthing naturally wherever they feel safest. Then again, the truth is that I want women to be surrounded, from childhood, with positive stories of birth and information on home and hospital birth and access to this kind of healthcare. Yet the real truth is that the society I am choosing to live in doesn’t support women/families having full disclosure on or full access to a true range of options.

I wanted to express all this and more. Unfortunately, I think I feel short of that. Though not my intention, my post could imply, from some angles, to be a judgment on women who don’t birth at home. Indeed, almost everything I want to express could be construed as an argument against all the other alternatives. I feel keenly the need to recognize how my words can be taken and the contrast therein to what my intention and meaning is.

However, I write about what I believe. I believe in home birth. I believe in breastfeeding. I believe in babywearing and co-sleeping and baby-led weaning.

I write from my heart in the true spirit of dialogue. I speak strongly, loudly, sometimes. I know I speak too loudly sometimes. If I do so, it is out of a desire for another voice to be heard, one that is most often drowned out in the mainstream discussion.

So, please, join me in open and honest dialogue and debate. Let me know your thoughts and experiences. Help me grow and learn to live in truth.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie Morris on February 8, 2011 at 3:42 am

    I love your blog, Sheila! Even though I am not having any more children, and my kids are teenagers, I love to share my experiences and walk down memory lane a bit. Your blog (and FB posts) allow me to do more of that. So thanks!
    It is a very fine line to walk between posting your beliefs and not offending anyone. I think you’re doing a great job!


    • Stephanie, I so appreciate you taking the time to say these things. Your wisdom and experience of having two teens are welcome and needed. Thank you for the feedback!


  2. Posted by meg on February 8, 2011 at 12:39 pm


    So many times I want to share with one of my siblings about how they nourish their kids, or about schooling, but I have learned not to enter into that dialogue, because they feel it is shaming and get defensive. Little by little, your process, your dialogue, your ease to be honestly you, is showing me the way.


    • Meg, I am not sure how much help I can really be when I find myself stuck for words or where to go in conversation after conversation. I agree we are all baby-stepping our way down the path…but it’s nice to have folks like you on the journey. I was so moved by your “You Go Girls” running club video and your personal stories. You made yourself vulnerable and open and let us peek at a truth and a light. It was definitely a moment I will remember about you, always.


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