Every Woman Is the Goddess

Lately, I have been considering how unique my experience of homebirth is. Perhaps this is because of the photo challenge “What Does a Homebirth Mama Look Like?” from Bring Birth Home and because of writing my own birth story. I had the blessing of an empowered birth. Am I somehow unlike any other woman? Can any type of woman have a homebirth, an empowered birth?

Can a woman over 35 give birth at home? A woman who had a cesarean last time around? A petite woman with a big baby? A large woman with a breech baby? A woman who never heard of prenatal yoga? A woman who never took a birth class? A woman who never went to a doctor?

I believe any woman without serious health problems can have a home birth. I don’t think I am unique or special. If there is one thing I think not every woman has that I had, it is a partner that believed in my ability to birth at home with every fiber of his being. I sometimes have to stop myself from pitying the woman telling me that she would love to birth at home, but her husband isn’t comfortable with the whole thing. Sometimes these women are the picture of perfect health and youth. Why do they doubt themselves? Why do their partners doubt them? Why this fear of women and birth?

Thousands and thousands of women (millions?!) have the ability to birth at home. Why don’t they? ………. Fear.

I refused to make decisions out of fear. I made my decision out of research and statistics, of POSITIVE BIRTH STORIES and of a commitment to the power I possessed in my birth. I believed in my body and my ability to birth.

I BELIEVE EVERY WOMAN IS THE GODDESS, bringer forth of life, powerful beyond measure.

Yesterday, upon hearing that a mama of our acquaintance was in the throes of birth, my husband wrote the following, a beginning of a poem. Yes, I did have something during my homebirth that not every woman has at her birth. I had someone who saw me as what I was in birth, more than my self, beyond self…..

Ancient Mother Goddess (Stone Age figurine)

She is the Goddess

Bringing forth life on this Earthly plane

Her cries are the song of creation

Her blood is the water of life

Mother, sister, wife, daughter

I give thanks unto thee

3 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Sheila,

    I have to say that I considered home birth when I was pregnant—both times. I chose not to, but truly not out of fear. I really just didn’t want to. Instead I chose the birthing suite—a home-like environment, but not home. With the support of family and a team of fabulous midwives, I had come to terms with the fact that whatever the universe chose for us, I would accept without regret. And I was reasonably close to several hospitals should something go not so well. As it turned out I did need more medical intervention for both births, though they were quite unexpected. I simply wanted to be in a different environment (my brain just seems to like variety). I deeply respect those who choose home births, as I respect all mothers. A truly empowered woman chooses what she wants. Mine was the choice of an empowered woman, mother, godess.


  2. Thank you, Nica, for sharing your story and clarifying my perspective.

    Though I do think more women would birth at home if they were not surrounded by a society driven by fear (not just around birth), I truly want women to birth wherever they feel the safest. For many that is at the hospital or a birthing suite or center. (Sadly, those options are going away.) Women need to feel secure before they can open and release. Like you, women can have empowered births anywhere and in many ways. Because birth has infinite forms; each birth is unique.

    Although there are pockets of communities that support homebirth, the reality is that the vast majority of women are not presented with or surrounded by the option of homebirth. The story you shared tells me that you seriously considered your options, which means that you knew that you had options. That is a blessing that surely added to your feeling of empowerment. I hope that every woman can feel both the choice and acceptance you describe. Every mother (goddess) deserves that.


  3. […] I wrote a post that my husband’s poem and support inspired me to write. I struggled the whole time to be […]


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