Heavy Metal Reality

From mercury fillings to cookware, canned food to gardening supplies, heavy metal toxins are all around us. Many people are aware of this. What some people may not know, is that heavy metal toxins are literally falling on us from the sky.

Yes, those strange lines many of you have noticed that look like clouds but don’t act like clouds are full of heavy metal poison that falls from the troposphere where it is laid down by planes. This happens on a daily basis at times in some places. (Some states have adopted programs through federal monies to put these experimental techniques to use.)

You can read and watch more about chem trails and weather mitigation efforts below.

What can you do to rid yourself of these deadly toxins?

VIDEOS: Learn more about chem trails….

LEGISLATION that supports Chem Trails (poisoning land and people) :

1. HR 3445 Weather Mitigation Research and Transfer  Authorization Act of 2007

  • It is the purpose of this Act to develop and implement a comprehensive and coordinated national weather mitigation policy and a national cooperative Federal and State program of weather mitigation research and development.
  • The term `research and development’ means theoretical analysis, exploration, experimentation, and the extension of investigative findings and theories of scientific or technical nature into practical application for experimental and demonstration purposes, including the experimental production and testing of models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes.
  • The term `weather mitigation’ means changing or controlling, or attempting to change or control, by artificial methods the natural development of atmospheric cloud forms or precipitation forms which occur in the troposphere. Examples include rain enhancement, snowpack augmentation, and hail suppression.

2. Bill S 601

HOW MUCH MONEY goes towards chem trails (poisoning land and people) and other weather/nature control and experimentation?

  • HR 3445: There are authorized to be appropriated to the Board for the purposes of carrying out this Act $10,000,000 for each of fiscal years 2006 through 2015. Any sums appropriated under this subsection shall remain available, without fiscal year limitation, until expended.
  • Bill S 601: There are authorized to be appropriated to the Director of the National Science Foundation for the purposes of carrying out this Act $25,000,000 for each of the fiscal years 2010 through 2014
  • Historically: “At the same time, less than a handful of weather mitigation research programs are underway worldwide, and related research in the United States has dropped to less than $500,000 per year from a high of $20,000,000 in the late 1970s.’’

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  1. Helpful details! I have been browsing for something like that for a time finally. Thank you!


  2. It is usually hard to find educated people about this issue, nevertheless, you seem like you no doubt know what you are posting on! Appreciate it


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