Making Dinner


Part of the good stuff of keeping babies close for longer–“attached,” some might say–is that children often see the inner workings of the family and naturally learn things like meal preparation, clean up, laundry, dishes and so forth while living occurs. This is a wonderful way to get a strong foundation for healthy eating habits, for example. What an inspiration our children are for eating well! Indeed, my child is a motivation for overall healthy living, including stress management.

Skip from the theoretical to reality:

I set up my Snack Station on that little stove from IKEA, and it comes with a little sink that I like to fill once in a while for water play. (I think a big pot/bowl and a few little containers with a spoon would do just as well.) Anyone who watches a toddler will see how filling and pouring or dumping are favorite activities. (This is one principle that leads to the clothing station–a project goal for the weekend.) My little just loves to play with water, but I was surprised at how much more she enjoyed “making dinner” in the sink than on that fake electric stove (we have gas). I took a bunch of pictures because it really did mimic what we do when we cook: putting on a pot, stirring, testing the water, tasting the dish, adding some spices, more stirring…a little “it’s all done” song and voila!

P.S. Please notice that we *are* leaving our reusable bags on the back door handle. We are remembering so much more often, too! Go family!


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