New Project Goals: January

This month we are trying for realistic steps that are a bit more precise in our minds. I think we are still striving to do a lot, though, because the garden is nearing round two, it’s blizzard-cold weather, and some things need to change around here.

Domestic Infrastructure: More Weatherproofing

  • Insulation in attic
  • Windows
    • Seal selected windows
    • Replace selected windows
  • Weatherstrip kitchen door
  • Replace A/C vents

Household Economy: Reevaluate relationship to and dependence on money (inspired by the book Your Money or Your Life)

  • Keep track of every cent.
  • Look at daily money log and establish categories for monthly tabulation (personalized budget)
  • Evaluate January’s spending based on categories.
  • Reflect on fulfillment and satisfaction gained — Does our spending (of time, energy and money) reflect our values?

Resource Consumption: Consciousness

  • Bring reusable shopping bags — Make a system work!
    • Keep bags in car
    • Keep bags empty and waiting on back door
    • Take bags to car even when not going out to store
  • Replace glass drinking bottle
  • Continue to turn off lights more
  • Continue to turn off tap more
  • Go through clothes keeping minimum (inspired by Darla)
    • choose some clothes to keep for fabric for sewing
    • give away clothes I am not keeping

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Learn and create

  • Sheila:
    • Eat less sugar — Make goodies instead of buying goodies
    • Make yogurt (for the first time)!
    • Make a doll for Uma out of fabric from clothes found during clean out
    • Complete Birthworks Childbirth Educator training and figure out scope and sequence of lessons for certification
  • Radha Gopinath:
    • Garden: Research garden topics, clear out the garden, think seeds and seedlings
    • Organize music opportunities
    • Practice

Family and Community: Build Community around and for Uma

  • Determine regular/good meeting time(s) for Uma to see Olivia
  • Have monthly Family Fest
  • Organize the house for Uma
    • set up clothing station and learn clothing signs
    • purge house of plastic and unsuitable books
    • plug outlets
    • clear out questionable sink items in kitchen and bathroom

Outside Work: Develop professionally

  • Sheila
    • Complete Birthworks Childbirth Educator Training and figure out scope and sequence of lessons for certification
    • Register for February course for Act 48 credit (Teacher Certification)

  • Radha Gopinath:
    • Practice
    • Organize teaching set up

Time and Happiness: Read books

  • Sheila: Read one book this month.
  • Radha Gopinath: Read more books and more often.
  • Family:  Read chapter/paperback books to Uma.

Health and Fitness: Simple things that are hard….

  • Sheila: Tidbits for mental, physical and spiritual health
    • Eat less sugar (from goal for Cottage Industry and Subsistence)
    • Get to at least one belly dance class
    • Stretch at least once a day
    • Follow up on student suggestion of daily meditation/moment of silence at school
      • 10 seconds the first day
      • add 10 seconds a day for the first week
      • the second week is one minute
      • up to 3-5 minutes a day by the end of the month?
  • Radha Gopinath: Gear up for a juice fast
    • Eat less carbs
    • One raw meal a day
    • No eating after the last major meal

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lata Murti on December 30, 2010 at 8:48 pm

    So admirable and ambitious! We try to meet similar goals but often fall short on many things. Still…good to keep them all in mind and written down. A big part of living well, I think, is to keep striving for a better future, however you define that “better future.”


  2. Yes, we tried to be realistic, but it seems like so much. What I realized, though, is that even after one month we have thought and acted more in these areas than we ever would have. Every little action adds up, as you imply.

    It is easy to set the goals and then just takes writing them down once for the whole month. Perhaps including some new mama, new baby ideas will make it easier since your little one is on the way? I try to set my goals overlapping things that I know have to get done anyway. That keeps me motivated since little successes and accomplishments make me feel good.

    I’m finding it helpful to have others on the journey. Want to start next month, family to family?


    • Posted by Lata Murti on December 30, 2010 at 9:52 pm

      I’ll give it a try. But, honestly, right now, apprehensive of all the unpredictable changes a new baby will bring, I am somewhat afraid to take on new goals. But perhaps now is the perfect time to do so. Or maybe for me, it’s just setting down “old” or current goals to “paper.” Let’s be in touch about this. Thanks! You are an inspiration, Sheila!


  3. Oh, mama, you’re pregnant with a two-year old! I can imagine you are feeling unsure about the future. However, I think you have already come up with a most excellent idea (writing down old goals). Another thought might be to choose two or three categories instead of doing all of them or coming up with five goals total out of all the categories.


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